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Medium Voltage Switchgears

Cear supplies Protected and Metal-clad Medium Voltage Switchgears for secondary electrical distribution

In electrical distribution system, Medium Voltage switchgears are are configured in the intermediate section between the receiving stations of high voltage and the transformation cabins for delivery to low voltage.

The extensive experience of Cear in its sector allows to identify the best technical choice in relation to  intended use of the MT switchgears, with voltages ranging from 6kV up to 36kV.

 Cear offers a range of mv switchgears as:

  • Protected type
  • Metal-clad type
  • Medium Voltage normalized cubicle  


The peculiarities of the system and specifications of each of these switchgears, make choose between different solutions as air-insulated switchgear, SF6 insulated switchgear types or RMU (Ring Main Unit), in order to ensure the best conditions for service continuity and staff safety.