Cear’s Responsability for 2023

Cear starts this new year wishing that 2023 will be better than 2022!

Integrated system from bit to kiloVolt

Your one-stop partner, highly reliable and available round-the-clock


We operate in the main industrial sectors, where know-how and a deep knowledge of production processes are essential.


Integrated systems for power distribution and industrial automation

Since 1980, we have been offering our customers a complete service that includes the feasibility study, design, construction, installation and commissioning of medium and low voltage switchgears, command and control panels, complete industrial automation systems equipped with PLC and SCADA, power distribution and transformation substations. We deliver worldwide products and integrated solutions in the electrotechnical and automation sector for industry, the energy sector and the most advanced technologies,both for safe areas and with danger of explosion.

Cear is a key reference, a unique partner guaranteeing quality and efficiency at every step on the way. An integrated service which starts with electrical distribution to the plant’s control and automation system, offering turnkey solutions, from bits to kilovolts.

Power distribution
Industrial Automation Systems
ATEX Zones
Integrated services


Cear’s business sector requires the need to work according to high quality and safety standards and this is a must for a company that has always worked to meet customer and market expectations.