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PCS EXP – SIL 2 Pressurization control systems

PCS Exp – SIL 2 is a programmable logic panel that guarantees the Ex p pressurization in the transformer substation or electric cabinets automatically and controls the maintenance of the internal pressure.

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The use of a SIL2 processor ensures high reliability.

The PCS Ex p – SIL2 logic consist on 4 units:

  • Pressurization unit, in Ex d enclosure that guarantees the security conditions and the management of the automatic washing and maintenance cycles with PLC SIL 2.
  • The safety devices Ex i.
  • Purge and maintenance system and completed of an automatic valve.
  • Shut-off system, indication and regulation of the pressure.

Safety and reference standards according to the Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU:

  • EN 60079-0
  • EN-60079-2
  • EN 60079-11
  • EN 60079-14
  • IEC EN 61508
  • IEC EN 61511-1
  • IEC EN 50495

The use of PCS Ex p – SIL 2 pressurization logic is designed to equip pressurized substations series CTS in cabinets with compatible electromechanical characteristics. It is designed to work in Zone 1 and Zone 21 and Group I Category M2.


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