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Mobile electrical substation

Thanks to its compact design, the CTS substation lends itself to being a versatile product that can be equipped and sized for various industrial uses.

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In particular, the mobile electrical substation can be placed in very narrow spaces, and is frequently used in construction sites, mines and tunnels. Especially for use in tunnels, it lends itself to being transported and further equipped, with sockets and plugs to connect construction site machinery and utilities.

Mobile substations for drilling and excavation works

Frequently there is a need for these substations to follow drilling or excavation activities; the CTS mobile substation can be placed on a skid or wheeled wagon, which allows it to be transportable.

In drilling and excavation works, the mobile electrical substation often needs to be protected by a metal shield and also connected to a cable reel with a medium voltage cable.

There are many solutions that Cear has developed over the years with this type of application; we invite you to ask for information for your specific needs.

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