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Protected medium voltage switchgears

Cear supplies protected medium voltage switchgears suitable to the specific characteristics of the electrical distribution network up to 36kV.

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The protected medium voltage switchgears are designed for MV electrical distribution for disconnection, protection and measurement; they are characterized by being compact, modular and adaptable to any installation requirement and their main features are:

  • Maximum operation continuity, thanks to segregations that separate different cubicles in each compartment
  • Ease of installation and connection, because the switchgear is already assembled and ready for mounting and connecting it to the network
  • Presence of mechanical safety interlocks to perform the correct sequence of maneuvers.

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Standards, certifications and safety

The protected medium voltage switchboards comply with the international standards IEC 62271-200, IEC 62271-1, IEC 60529 and Italian CEI EN 62271-200, CEI EN 60529, as well as CEI 0-16 for the standardized cells required by electricity distribution companies in Italy.

Constructive features of protected MV switchgears

The protected medium voltage switchgear is made of  folded steel sheets and painted with epoxy powder after degreasing and phosphating treatment. The M.V. switchgear has a structure composed by one or more compartments for specific functions, as determined by the needs and system configuration.

Service and environmental condition

Indoor installation foresees environmental conditions max 50 ° C and min -5 ° C and a standard degree of protection IP30 – IP20 with open doors. Other operating conditions and other degrees of protection can be evaluated on request.

Modularity and customization

  • Possibility of customizing the various sections based on the scope of application
  • Possibility of customizing the auxiliary section and connection to SCADA systems
  • Possibility of internal arc sealing
  • Small footprint design for specific applications. According to design requirements, we can also provide air insulated switchgear or sulfur hexafluoride SF6.

Technical Features of protected medium voltage switchgears

Rated voltage Ud kV 7,5 12 17,5 24 36
Power frequency withstand voltage (50-60 Hz 1 min.) towards the ground and between phases Ud kV 20 28 38 50 70
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage towards the ground and between phases Up kV 60 75 95 125 170
Rated current Ir A 400÷1250 400÷1250 400÷1250 400÷1250 400÷800
Short time withstand current 1 sec on main circuits and earth circuits Ik kA 12,5÷20 12,5÷20 12,5÷20 12,5÷20 16÷20
Internal arc withstand 1 sec kA 12,5÷16 12,5÷16 12,5÷16 12,5÷16 16
Classification related to personnel safety in case of internal arc (Annex “C” CEI EN 62271-200) IAC AFL – IAC AFLR

Dimensioni Standard

Le dimensioni possono variare in funzione di:

  • Tipologia di celle che compongono il quadro
  • Versione per la tenuta ad arco interno
  • Versione con l’isolamento in aria o in SF6

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