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Electrical equipment for Hazardous Area

Cear has developed a specific know-how that has allowed to acquire Atex Notification No. TÜV 16 ATEX 0205671 CY Q according to the latest ATEX/2014/34/UE, and the ATEX certified range of production covering the Ex p Pressurization control system, CTS Ex p Compact substations and Ex e MV Junction Boxes up to 36kV.

Cear’s activity is not limited to the construction of the electrical equipments, but includes also the engineering  and development of Hazardous Area electrical systems with:

           MV/LV transformer and distribution substations, power& control cabins

          LV Distribution panels, Local Panels and PLC control panels

          Electrical distribution kiosk

          MV junction boxes up to 36kV

 These application could be designed in Ex p, Ex d, Ex I and Ex e protection for group I and group II.