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QDC630 – L.V. Distribution switchboard for construction site

“QDC630″ is a Low Voltage distribution switchboard that can be transported on a truss and equipped with electrical sockets and plugs for machinery power.

L.V. Distribution switchboard for construction site, commonly called ASC*, are tied to the evolution of public works and, due to their type of installation, are subject to continuous movements, shocks and vibrations in addition to corrosion by the weather elements.

 The Cear “QDC630” switchboard was subject to type tests, meets CEI EN-60439-4 regulations and is thus covered by CESI certification with plugs and sockets that range from 2x16A to 4x630A.

The features of this transportable QDC630 are:

  • High use flexibility
  • Ability to support severe mechanical and environmental stress
  • High level of safety, considering the environment at electrical risk and the intended personnel.

Transportable switchboard are defined as all those devices whose location can change with work progress in the same site.

* ASC: Construction site Assembled Series