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Compact distribution and transformer Substation CTS-Ex p, manufactured for Ex-type “internal pressure” with type of protection “p” suitable for installation in a mine in the area classified Group I Category M2 and petrochemical plants and Oil & Gas Group II 2G with protection level Gb.

The compact substation is equipped with the pressurization system PCS-Ex p SIL2, necessary to guarantee the Ex p condition.

The Ex p execution, with internal overpressure protection, consists in introducing a protective gas in the cabinet to keep it in overpressure with respect to the outside atmosphere and thus prevent the formation of explosive atmosphere within the cabinet itself.

The system of pressurization maintain the safety level and continuity of exercise, verifying that the inside atmosphere is maintained in overpressure and have a sure environment.

Optional equipment

The Pressurized system is designed to be supplied with the following optional features, whether it is used on the surface or in the underground workings:

•           Cooling system via heat exchanger air-water or airfluid;

•           Heat dissipator by radiation or convention;

•           Batteries for independent power supply of the pressurization system;

•           Outlets for connection of the LV outlets;

Each solution adopted respects the original system configuration certificate, while maintaining the safety features in compliance with the ATEX Standard 2014/34/EU.