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The TVR pressurized and ventilated containerized substation is suitable for installation in areas with danger of explosion, and it’s designed to contain electro-instrumental materials, electrical panels, transformers, inverters, etc.

The protection method is based on the principle of maintaining an overpressure inside the volume to be protected with respect to the surrounding atmosphere (protection mode “p”), suitable for installation in mine (tunnel) with possible presence of grisù gas, classified Group I Category M2 or for surface in a classified Group II 2GD area.

 The cabin is equipped with the PCS-Ex p SIL2 pressurization control system, necessary to maintain the internal overpressure. The control unit is made with Ex-d protection, with auxiliary power supply independent of the main line, adequately protected, which can therefore be used in “ATEX” classified areas (Zone 1 and 21 – Group I category M2).

In association with this system there is a power and control panel for the ventilation and auxiliary services that is mounted inside the container.

Safety and standard references·

EN 60079-0



EN 60079-7

EN 60079-11

N 60079-31

EN 50381

The TVR substation is designed to respect the above mentioned standards and the Atex Directive 2014/34/EU, obtaining the following certifications:

I M2 Ex db [ib Mb] eb pxb I Mb

II 2G Ex db [ib Gb] eb pxb IIC T4 Gb

II 2D Ex pxb tb [ib Db] IIIC T135°C Db

I M2 Ex db [ib Mb] eb vM2 I Mb

II 2G Ex db [ib Gb] eb v2 IIC T4 Gb